Book Promotion Philadelphia-Style

Posted by Jeff Markowitz on Tuesday, October 12, 2010
On Sunday, at a rally in Philadelphia, someone threw a book at the President.  The Secret Service investigated, coming to the conclusion that the man meant no harm.  It seems the man was simply an author, hoping to bring the book to the President's attention.  No charges have been filed.  But neither has the Secret Service released the author's name or the book's title.  Presumably they don't want the author to get the promotional benefit of the stunt, nor do they want to encourage other would-be Presidential book throwers.  So now I wonder, with the author and book unidentified, will we have a whole slew of authors coming forward, claiming to be the one who threw a book at President Obama?  And when I contact the news media and tell them it was me, which one of my books do you think I should claim to have thrown?

I've spent a good bit of time on book promotion and never once did it occur to me to simply hurl my book at the President.  Perhaps it's ill-advised to mess with the Secret Service.  But there are plenty of other newsworthy targets.  So I need your advice.  Who should I throw my book at? 

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