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Posted by Jeff Markowitz on Wednesday, July 27, 2011
My first book was published in June 2004.  In November of that same year, I began blogging on xanga.  Other writers find it odd that I blog on xanga, that I still blog on xanga, rather than someplace more writerly.  But the simple truth is I like blogging here. 

Folks on xanga have been extraordinarily supportive of my writing.  So now, with the recent release of a new ebook edition of A Minor Case of Murder, I want to offer something extra to the people who read my blog.   If you purchase the new ebook edition of A Minor Case of Murder, you will receive as my gift (while supplies last) a free music download of the album Songs from the 2nd Floor, by Rich Luca.


I posted not long ago about Luca's debut album, his album of "boomer music for cars and bars" with its roots in classic rock of the 60s and 70s.  I had the pleasure of writing the album notes for Songs from the 2nd Floor.

And now, I've arranged for a limited number of free downloads of the album.  In fact, thanks to Rich Luca's generosity, you will not only get the album, but you will also get a bonus gift from Rich (such as an unreleased cut from the studio sessions, or a copy of the handwritten lyrics, insider notes or other personalized items).

After you purchase the ebook edition of A Minor Case of Murder for $2.99 (available at amazon, barnes & noble, smashwords, crossroad press and other fine ebook sellers) send me a message telling me where you purchased the ebook (please attach a copy of your purchase confirmation, to keep the bean counters happy).  I'll send you a message with your unique download code, good for one free download of Luca's album (a $9.50 value, while supplies last) and an email address to obtain your additional bonus gift from Rich Luca.  Think about it.  Even if you don't own an e-reader, even if you already own the hardcover, you might want to buy the ebook, just for the music. 

Thanks.  (And thanks to Rich Luca for his generosity).

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