Posted by Jeff Markowitz on Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So, I told you about
the Ginsberg exhibition at the National Gallery and about the Peacock Room at the Freer.  I'm tempted to tell you today about the bouillabaisse at Tony & Joe's or about the Thai marinated flank steak with jasmine sticky rice in papaya leaves at Bangkok Joes.  But I didn't go to Washington DC for the museums or for the restaurants.  I went for Malice Domestic
Malice is a "fun fan convention".  Which is to say that the focus of the convention is not on the business of writing.  The focus is on the love of reading.  Hundreds of women (yes, the conference attendance is largely female), writers and readers alike, fans of cozy mysteries, some dressed as their favorite sleuth, get together annually for a three day cozy mystery book party.

I went to several panel discussions, but mostly I hung out in the book room, or the hallway, or the bar, chatting with readers and other authors.  I caught up with some old friends and made some new ones.  Sunday morning, I spoke on a panel about investigative techniques in amateur sleuth mysteries.

(from l to r, Audrey Liebross, Vicki Delaney, Clare Langley-Hawthorne, Jeff Markowitz, Sharan Newman)

Malice Domestic is not everyone's cup of tea.  If you're not a fan of cozies, of traditional amateur sleuth mysteries, it's not for you.  But there are some of you who read my blog (you know who you are) who should put Malice on your calendar next year.  I had a lot of fun.  You will too.

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