Me and 112,000 of my closest friends and colleagues

Posted by Jeff Markowitz on Thursday, August 5, 2010
A very small number of authors generate a very large percentage of all book sales.  The rest of us comprise what is known as the long tail of the publishing industry.  When the google book settlement was hot news, there was an effort to quantify just how long that tail might really be.  Some of the data that I've seen suggests that there are approximately 4 million unique authors of print books published in the United States.  And there are probably millions more professional writers who are writing things other than books, who are screenwriters and journalists, poets and essayists.  I'm proud to be a very tiny part of that very long tail.  And just a little bit prouder today.

Contemporary Authors is a reference book "that provides information on approximately 112,000 writers in a wide range of media, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama and screenwriting."  I learned today that I'm going to be included in the next edition of Contemporary Authors.   

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