Monster Mash-Up

Posted by Jeff Markowitz on Thursday, March 25, 2010

We all know what follows success -
sequels, variations, imitations and spin-offs - until we bleed the corpse dry.  And so the hugely popular Pride and Prejudice and Zombies spawns new titles such as Jane Slayre and Android Karenina.  In last Sunday's New York Times Book Review, Ward Sutton wonders what mash-ups will follow when "publishers run out of 19th-century classics to ransack." 

Sutton suggests a few contemporary titles that cry out for the monster mash-up.  In Green Blood.  Eat, Prey, Ooze.  Even Dr. Seuss gets the treatment in Horton Hears a Howl.

But why stop with books?  Just think of the possibilities.  Perhaps it's time for a Broadway mash-up?  The Thing and I.  Popular music?  Parsley, Sage and Rosemary's Baby.  Television?  American Igor.

What contemporary books, music, tv shows or movies would you like to see receive a monster mash-up?

Not to be confused with the monster mash.

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