Posted by Jeff Markowitz on Monday, March 15, 2010
When the rain began Friday morning,

after a winter of heavy snowstorms, we all said, well, at least it's not snow.  By Saturday evening, we had withstood the brunt of the nor'easter.  Our back yard was a veritable swamp, but at least the water stayed in the yard and (mostly) out of the house.  We only lost one tree, a crabapple, thirty foot tall, literally yanked out of the wet ground by heavy winds.  But the row of pines withstood the storm.  And he who I do not blog about, coming home for spring break, got home late afternoon Saturday on one of the last trains before Amtrak suspended rail service. 

Then, sometime late Saturday night, we lost power.  (Estimates are that nearly a quarter million homes in NJ lost power in the storm).  Initial reports suggested we'd have power back by 4:00 Sunday afternoon.  When 4:00 came and went, and outages seemed, if anything, more extensive than they had Saturday night, trees taking power lines down all over the state, utility crews struggling to keep up with the outages, we checked into a hotel. 

This morning, in our neighborhood, there are trees down, a few street lights down as well, some roads closed, debris everywhere, but the homes are fine and the power is back.  I've got a little clean up ahead, but no real damage. 

At least it's not snow.

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