Today seems like a good day for an argument

Posted by Jeff Markowitz on Monday, February 21, 2011
So here's one for movie buffs to kick around.  

With the Oscars a week away, I noticed today on msn, a list of the 10 worst movies to actually win the Oscar for Best Picture.

10.  The Hurt Locker
  9.  A Beautiful Mind
  8.  Driving Miss Daisy
  7.  Rain Man
  6.  Out of Africa
  5.  Oliver
  4.  No Country for Old Men
  3.  Chicago
  2.  The English Patient
  1.  Shakespeare in Love

So what do you think?  Were these movies deserving of their Oscars?  Or were they bad movies that won the Oscar for all the wrong reasons?  And what about other Oscar-winning movies?  Are these really the biggest  Oscar mistakes?  What other movies belong on the list?

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