Who's #1?

Posted by Jeff Markowitz on Friday, May 14, 2010
Here in New Jersey,
we recognize that our state has a certain reputation.  And we wear that reputation proudly.  I've told you before how in 2005, the governor invited citizens to suggest a new slogan.  Results poured in.  

Three quarters of the state is really nice.
Great place to visit.  You just can't afford to live here.
The traffic will kill you.  Have a nice day.
And my personal favorite -
Most of our elected officials have not been indicted.

As a writer of crime fiction, I appreciate that my setting gives me plenty to work with.  Only today I need to come to New Jersey's defense.  Today, I need to stand tall and tell you that 40% of you are more corrupt than those of us who live in New Jersey.  That's right.  After extensive analysis, TheDailyBeast has ranked all 50 states (and the District of Columbia) according to corruption.   New Jersey comes in at #21.  That's right boys and girls.  Twenty states are more corrupt than New Jersey.  TheDailyBeast analyzed data in five broad categories of corruption including -

public corruption
racketeering and extortion
forgery and counterfeiting

and New Jersey ranked twenty-first.  Even in our specialty - public corruption - we only ranked eleventh.

So, what states, you may ask, are more corrupt than New Jersey? 

1.  Tennessee
2.  Virginia
3.  Mississippi
4.  Delaware
5.  North Carolina
6.  Florida
7.  Nevada
8.  Pennsylvania
9.  South Carolina
10.  Oklahoma
11.  Georgia
12.  Alabama
13.  Texas
14.  Arkansas
15.  Missouri
16.  Hawaii
17.  South Dakota
18.  Wisconsin
19.  Louisiana
20.  Arizona

Read 'em and weep.

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