Posted by Jeff Markowitz on Thursday, January 13, 2011
Words have power.  No.  Words ARE power.  As writers, and as bloggers, we know that to be true.  Our style may be informal, we may dash off a blog now and then, but even in the most random of blog entries (perhaps especially in our most random of blog entries), we choose our words with care.  Because words have meaning.  Denotative and connotative.  Literal and symbolic.

And if we know that to be true, surely, our politicians and political speech writers, our media spokesmen and their staff, our journalists and celebrities know that to be true, as well.  So I, for one, am getting tired of allowing politicians and media spokesmen, commentators and celebrities, and, oh by the way, bloggers, to get away with transparent disclaimers.  "That's not what I meant."

You chose your words with care; you paid people to write them for you (or perhaps you, yourself, were paid to write them) or to edit them, to vet them, to test them, to tweet them, so now, at least, have the decency to own up to them.


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