Hit or Miss

When you're twenty-one years old,  it can be hard under the best of circumstances to balance the expectations of your father and the desires of your girlfriend. For Ben Miller and his girlfriend Emily Bayard, circumstances are far from perfect. Emily's mother has been murdered. Ben's father, a detective in Dutch Neck catches the case.

Hit or Miss is set against the backdrop of the cultural and political unrest associated with the war in Vietnam. As Detective Miller conducts the homicide investigation, Emily and Ben find themselves attracted by the politics and lifestyle of the counter-culture. Hit or Miss raises questions that were important in 1970 and still resonate today - questions about the rights of free speech and assembly, about the role of protest in a democracy. But the question that consumes everyone in Dutch Neck in the summer of 1970 is personal. Who is responsible for the death of Rosalie Bayard?

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